Friday, 16 December 2011

The Late S Rajaratnam - "Is God a Liberation Theologian?" [Part II]

"I believe that Karl Marx could have subscribed to the Sermon on the Mount," says Fidel Castro to liberation theologian Frei Betto as he draw similarities to martyrdom of early Christians and the pantheon of Communist martyrs. In the rest of his speech to NUS upon the arrest of the Marxist Conspirators, the late S Rajaratnam makes his argument of an alliance of anti-capitalists comprising of Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Nihilist and Liberation Theologians. In his view, Leninist and Maoist do not adhere to Marxist principles closely but merely use it to acquire state power. Ideologies are simply tools of political agitation; individuals can legitimise the use of them creatively just as liberation theologians have creatively used Christianity as  a cloak. S Rajaratnam argues that the axis of Marxist-Leninist-liberation theologians are the new revolution of nihilism looking to create a new Heaven on Earth with the demise of evil capitalism.

The below is the rest of his speech that appeared on ST dated 20 Aug 1987:


  1. In short, playing to the gallery. Doesn't matter which ideological leaning, the end game is still the same. Another rock will soon knock it all down.

  2. "It is realistic, pragmatic, ruthless, cynical and totally immoral. Its analyses and prescriptions are ideologically neutral."
    Doesn't that quote fits the PAP to a tee?