Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Voice of the Malayan Revolution: An academic piece

I was google-ing around and found an academic piece written by Ong Wei Chong from RSIS/NTU in October 2006. It is titled "Voice of the Malayan Revolution: The Communist Party of Malaya's Struggle for Hearts and Minds in the Second Malayan Emergency".


...the objective of this study is to examine, interpret and analyze the CPM's most sophisticated attempt at mass ideological conversion and relate it to the revolutionary struggle of the Malayan Communists. As a corollary, this study will establish that the methods and nature of Revolutionary Psywar are very different from those practiced by Western democracies. This dissertation will further prove that the Western 'words and deeds' model is highly inadequate for the purpose of explaining Revolutionary Psywar; which adopts the 'thought determines action' approach...

Work done on the Second Malayan Emergency (1968-1989) is indeed rare as many of the records are still embargoed by the government and much of what is available are mainly newspapers and oral accounts. 1968 was the year the Malayan Communists officially announced their intention to revive armed struggle in Malaya after a wave of revolutionary fever had swept in Indochina and other parts of Southeast Asia. It did not end until 2 December 1989 in the Thai town of Hatyai when the Communists finally agreed to surrender and settle in southern Thailand.

The thesis can be downloaded at the links below:

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